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 The TCBBA works to “provide a supportive atmosphere to perform and expand the knowledge of dance as an art form within our community and to further financial aid and general welfare to the betterment of community and social improvement in the coastal bend.”


 Nancy Schmidt founded our organization in 2008. Her vision: “To enjoy our time together as a group of like-minded performers and to use this time to improve our community.”


We've seen many changes in the last 12 years, but our overall mission and ideals have never strayed from this original concept.


We support one another, we dance, we learn, and we adopt  local/national charities dedicating substantial funds to their Cause.


We have given thousands of dollars to this community through charities such as HALO Flight, Habitat for Humanity, The Rescue House of South Texas, Rollo's Kids , Special Hearts in the Arts, The Corpus Christi Hope House, For every rescue a life saved: f.e.r.a.l.s. and in 2021

We do all of this by hosting workshops taught by a variety of knowledgeable instructors. 


We strive to produce quality Gala shows and we have a ton of fun doing it.  Join Us. 


The TCBBA 12th Annual Membership Event

The Texas Coastal Bend Bellydance Association held its 12th Annual Membership drive on February 8th, 2020.


The day began with a short member meeting followed

by a workshop with special guest instructor and

performer Suzanne Suzanne of San Antonio's Karavan Studio. 

We concluded with a gala Show filled with beautiful performances by several TCBBA members including our special guest .

 Part III of our 2021 TCBBA Membership Workshop featuring Loaya Iris was an absolute blast! We are so happy to have had the opportunity to learn , dance and visit with Loaya on Saturday, May 22, 2021.
 for details on our upcoming events please visit our facebook page or 
email tcbba@yahoo.com