Upcoming Events

Our Annual Shimmy some lovin' Summer show will be Saturday , July 24,2021 at ZuMama Fitness center from 6-8:30 pm

On Saturday August 28, 2021 we will host a Members "One shimmy at a time" Workshop with Winter Star & Gilded Gypsy

Proceeds from all the events on this page will go toward our 2021 fundraising efforts.

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 So far the Texas Coastal Bend has donated $1,000 to Shelteramutt, Inc for the year 2021. At this time we are diversifying our community outreach to include other local charities. Our Shimmy Some lovin' Show will be the first show to help four different charity organizations via our Silent auction and Summer tank sales.

TCBBA Virtual Summer
Workshop Series  Review
By Cindy Moore
This year as a member of TCBBA I had the pleasure of attending virtual workshops as well as teaching one of them. As a student of dance I always welcome a variety of teachers and dance styles and elements to collect and put in my dancer tool belt, and the workshops offered exactly that. Within the first 15 minutes of Paula Grace’s skirt technique workshop I realized OMG I have been dancing with the wrong skirt all this time no wonder I feel like I am a giant and maybe need to pull my skirt up Urkle style to hold my hands up all the way. Paula has so much knowledge and broke all of the skirt work down beautifully. Melody Calvert has always been the sword goddess in our membership group and it was great to have her break down her secrets and tips on the sword. I have always followed her lead with many things belly dance she knows her stuff. I also had the pleasure of teaching fan veil which I really love. It was a great opportunity and I was honored to share. I hope that everyone enjoyed the workshops and continues to use them whenever they want. This year has been a time of change but when it comes to dance some things never change. Whether it is in a crowd or in the privacy of your space, Dance is expression, Dance is Joy. I hope we have more opportunities to do workshops amongst each other again, it was a wonderful experience and retreat from the stresses of the year.




The TCBBA performs at The 4th Annual Corpus Christi Brewery Festival


 We had a wonderful time   performing at the Corpus Christi Brewery Festival this past month.

  Thank you to Lorelei Brewing Company for inviting us and Thank you to the Corpus Christi Art Center for their generous donation to help aid in our efforts to spread our love of dance and charity throughout our community.

We look forward to Giving more Shimmies throughout this year.



photo: 2020 TCBBA Members Kristen,Cindy,Kandy,Jaimie,Leona,Ana,Karen,Lori, Marie,Michelle,Sophia,Lorrie, Monica, & Rachel