All proceeds in 2020 will benefit For Every Rescue A Life Saved: (FERALS)


TCBBA Virtual Summer

Workshop Series

June 13 , 2020

Totem Skirt Dialect FCBD style

July 18, 2020

The Feel & Skill of Dancing with a Sword

August 15, 2020

Fun & Flirty Fan

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October 17, 2020 

Annual Shimmy in the Moonlight  Gala Show


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The TCBBA performs at The 4th Annual Corpus Christi Brewery Festival




photo: 2020 TCBBA Members Kristen,Cindy,Kandy,Jaimie,Leona,Ana,Karen,Lori, Marie,Michelle,Sophia,Lorrie, Monica, & Rachel

 We had a wonderful time   performing at the Corpus Christi Brewery Festival this past month.

  Thank you to Lorelei Brewing Company for inviting us and Thank you to the Corpus Christi Art Center for their generous donation to help aid in our efforts to spread our love of dance and charity throughout our community.

We look forward to Giving more Shimmies throughout this year.

The TCBBA 12th Annual Membership Event

The Texas Coastal Bend Bellydance Association held its 12th Annual Membership drive on February 8th, 2020.


The day began with a short member meeting followed

by a workshop with special guest instructor and

performer Suzanne Suzanne of San Antonio's Karavan Studio. 

We concluded with a gala Show filled with beautiful performances by several TCBBA members including our special guest .

Dunyana Newsletter vol. 2