Our Primary 2022 Charity is Coastal Bend Neightborhood Empowerment (CBNE) .


Stay tuned to find out more about who they are and how we hope to help them next year.

On February 12th we held a silent auction at our "Give a Shimmy" Gala. Funds earned will be used for the CBNE "Good Neighbor" Grant.


Our membership gala was a HUGE success! All members rejoined AND we gained new members! ❤️❤️

The Gala was successful money wise too! The show brought in $833 dollars!

This allows us to give generously to the Coastal Bend Neighborhood Empowerment for our first donation!

We couldn’t do this without our members and supporters so thank you for all you have done to support TCBBA and our 2022 charity,  CBNE.














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Our primary 2021 Charity was Shelteramutt, Inc.

The TCBBA gave a total of $1900 to Shelter a Mutt,

"A dedicated 501 c3 org. to Shelter and Transport the Lost, Left Behind, Abandoned,Neglected, Starved and Homeless Canines,"As of August 10th We have donated $1,500 to Shelter -a- mutt , INC. Additionally we donated to the following local charities .