Dancing thru the Pandemic 2020

We had a wonderful time performing at the Corpus Christi Brewery Festival this past month. Thank you to Lorelei Brewing Company for inviting us and Thank you to the Corpus Christi Art Center for their generous donation to help aid in our efforts to spread our love of dance and charity throughout our community.

We look forward to Giving more Shimmies throughout this year. But that didnt happen. We saw very little of our community thru out 2020. Our 2021 Membership drive was broken into 3 parts. An out door meeting, a Members only hafla once vaccines were beginning to be administered, and then finally our 2021 Membership drive workshop.

It had been over a year since we performed publicly again when we were asked to perform at the Nueces Brewery during a Hispanic heritage festival. This proved to be a lot of fun and it felt good to perform for the public again.

Shortly after that we held our annual Shimmy Some lovin Show publicly and it was an amazing time! So many people we had not seen in over a year, I heard many of our members say it felt like a family reunion! And the performances were equally enjoyable.

I sincerely hope the worst of this pandemic is over , as these photos show we are much happier when we can dance and be together. ~ Rachel Morris

Brewfest March 2020

Our 2021 Membership Drive Workshop

Hispanic culture fest 2021

@ Nueces Brewery

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