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Birthday Greetings at a Distance

" The mask I wear to protect you, recognizes the mask you wear to protect me, Namaske' ~Mr. Mysteriosophy

A kind gesture on behalf of several of our TCBBA members happened over the weekend.

Sisters of the Dance member, Kandy was celebrating a birthday when her dance sisters showed her some love with proper social distancing and mask wearing all being taken into account during these cautious times.

Karen took to their Facebook page stating ......

"How does one celebrate birthdays when you need to stay 6 feet apart can't hug or kiss each other....we scheduled a medicine or grocery pick up date...and since we had to be out.....we agreed to surprise Kandy......we decorated our cars....we all honked our horns....we threw air hugs and kisses.....we all got on the sidewalk....we all made sure to stretch out and sang our crazy heads off....with the sun overhead and not able to see the phone screen I pointed the camera at the driveway and started to record....we're stretching our arms out to give up our balloons, lunch & wine.....threw more air kisses and air hugs .....we then got back in our cars....yelling "Happy Birthday Kandy".....we love you.....again honking our horns as we all headed back home.....then I looked at the here is what NOT to do.....don't assume your camera is aimed at your intended was so good to just be around each other for 15 minutes...yet so hard not to hug your best friends.....we tell each other that this too shall pass and we all want each other to be for now it's only air hugs and kisses....daily texts, face time or phone calls....."

Photo: TCBBA and Sisters of the dance Members ~ Leona, Karen,Marie, Ana, & Nora

Not being able to meet for regular classes to dance and socialize has been hard on the global dance community as a whole.

Many depending on Zoom or Facebook live to try to bring some sense of normalcy , but it just isn't the same.

I too look forward to hugging each of our Members when this virus and it's Social guidelines are behind us.Until then.... be hopeful , keep dancing and stay safe , and as Karen said, "this too shall pass."...


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