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Texas Coastal Bend Bellydance Association performs at the 2nd Annual Corpus Christi Culture Festival

by Rachel Morris

Lotus Belly dance & Gypsy Roulette Dance performing at Culture Fest

On Saturday April 27th Members of the TCBBA participated in the 2nd Annual Corpus Christi Culture Festival. This event is hosted by the Texas A&M - Corpus Christi International Student exchange and facilitated By Ana Varela and member volunteers of the Culture Exchange of Corpus Christi.

It was a beautiful day at The Bar Under the Sun, and it was made even more beautiful by all the demonstrations and costumed performers that came out to share their culture with our community.

The TCBBA performed a 30 minute set made up of 6 dances. Each performance was unique and entertaining.

The two belly dance troupes that performed on Saturday were Lotus Bellydance , a newly formed troupe which includes our current vice president, secretary, and our members-at-large and Gypsy Roulette Dance, which includes our current treasurer and one of our former presidents.

Other performances and demonstrations throughout the day included:

· Aztec Dance Kalpulli Ehekatl Papalotzin

· Aloha Luaus

· Downtown Karate

· Celtic Flair

· Deaf Community Board

· Shire of Seawinds fight

· Tai Chi Academy of Asian Martial Arts

· J and the Sound


· Chinese Traditional Dancing

· Indian Bharatanatyam Sunidhi Kulkarni


· Scott Brooks + Kevin West comedy

· RAD Fashion show

We enjoyed being a part of this great line up and look forward to participating in the next one this Fall. Be on the lookout for Fall Culture fest date and times by following the links below. Or if you are interested in joining any or all of these groups:

About Culture exchange of Corpus Christi: This group meets bi weekly to share all things culture, travel, and language! Our meet-ups are a great place to practice a new or continuing language and also enjoy culturally inspired conversations! No cover. See you soon!

About Texas Coastal bend Bellydance Assoc.: This groups aims to provide a supportive atmosphere to perform and expand the knowledge of dance as an art form within our community and to Further Financial Aid and General Welfare to the Betterment of Community and Social Improvement in the Coastal Bend.

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