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Corpus Christi Hope House … offering hope and a home to the pregnant women in Corpus Christi.

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

By TCBBA Online

The TCBBA’s 2019 charity to support is the Corpus Christi Hope House. While it is known that the hope house cares for pregnant and low-income families in the community, I thought it was important to do a little digging so that we can see exactly who we are shimmying for!

In 1986, the non-profit Corpus Christi Hope House organization was created with the focus of providing shelter and assistance to women in crisis pregnancy situations. A crisis pregnancy can range from being pregnant while fleeing domestic violence, homelessness, or being kicked out of the home for becoming pregnant. Over the years their facilities have grown enough to be able to support two separate homes for pregnant women and women with children up to age 3. The Hope house seeks to assist women with not only a place to live, but with life skills as well. Skills such as: Resume building, budgeting, job interview skills, making and keeping appointments and engaging in healthy relationships. As each woman’s needs are different, their residency time differs as well. The goal of the Hope house is to help a woman become productive and self-sufficient within 8 months to 1 year of assistance, so she can continue to support a healthy family on her own.

Melissa Juarez from the Corpus Christi Hope House states in an email interview that their “goal is to help these clients with a hand up not a hand out. Residents don't stay at shelter and do nothing, they either are working, going to school or sometimes both. They are becoming the best moms they can be and role models for their little ones. With giving them shelter as a safe haven it takes away even just a little bit of stress where they can focus on becoming successful and self-sufficient.”

Though their numbers fluctuate from year to year - in 2018, the Hope House helped 54 women through crisis pregnancy situations through their shelters, and countless more through their low – income assistance with diapers, baby wipes, clothing and other baby items that are donated by the surrounding community.

Though Nueces county boasts a declining teen pregnancy rate, as of 2016 Nueces county still saw 428 teen births. Corpus Christi Hope House is a glimmer of hope for a bright future to the women they assist on a daily basis. So next time you’re up there shaking your grove thing, remember that we are helping others help women to live their best lives.

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